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At Talbot, we are equipped to manufacture a wide range of wood products. This ability allows us to fill both small custom orders and large production orders, all while providing unparalleled quality and competitive pricing.
solid wood cabinet components
Talbot Wood Products has the capacity for large mill runs or smaller custom runs when you want to add that personal touch to your project. There are several criteria the wood must meet for Talbot Wood to process the material (listed below).
  1. Recommend material be kiln dried for best results
  2. Material must be free of contaminants: Contaminants that need to be removed by Talbot Wood will be added to the machining cost.
  3. Material must be properly stacked for unloading at Talbot Wood
Shop rates
Custom Milling
Service Rate Min Charge
General Shop Time $125/hr 1/2 HR
Plane/Sand $125/hr $75 setup + 1/2 hr
Milling (material provided)
100-500 ft
501-1000 ft
1000 ft +

1.00 lft
0.85 LFT
0.65 lft

1/2 hr

$125 Setup + lft
Custom Knives $395 $125 setup + $395
Please note:
We will provide a rough estimate based on the pricing chart below but note this may differ from finished cost due to the nature of custom milling. Talbot Wood reserves the right to refuse material that may pose a risk of damage to machinery or danger to employees.
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At Talbot we have the partners, equipment and shop space to provide one of the most complete product mixes in the industry. We can do it all with short lead times. Please have a look through our catalogues to see what is available. And, if there is something you don’t see, please contact us as we have the ability to make custom orders in house.
one of a kind
The natural rich texture of wood grain can add richness and warmth to any home. If, like us, you find natural wood grain beautiful and inspiring, come and pick up a unique piece for display or use in your home.
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