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Talbot Wood Products offers high quality wood doors in a variety of grades to suit your building needs. For a detailed view of our profiles please see our purchase synthroid online.

Select Grade doors will  have minimal variation in colour and limited amounts of natural wood characteristics such as mineral streaks, burls, and pin knots. Select is the default grade for all Talbot Wood Doors unless otherwise specified.

Regular grade doors have a broader range in colours and are only recommended for medium to dark stains.

Paint Grade
Paint grade doors are made with maple rails which are unselected for colour and MDF cantre panels to provide the best stability.

If you desire the paint grade door with a solid wood centre please order it as “regular grade” in the species of your choice.

Ordering Wood Doors

Follow these easy step-by-step instructions when ordering Wood Doors with the attached order forms.

where can i purchase synthroid

Wood Doors Order Form PDF

buy brand name synthroid online

Wood Doors Order Form Excel