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The Wood
Since 1999
At Talbot, we are equipped to manufacture a wide range of wood products. This ability allows us to fill both small custom orders, or large production orders, all while providing unparalleled quality and competitive pricing.

Talbot Wood Products was founded in 1999 by Jan VanReenan and Harry deVries as a supplier of wood components to the store fixture industry. In 2015, Jason Stafford and Jeremy Brouwer took over ownership of the business. Over the years, Talbot has continued to supply the store fixture market but also expanded its product offering to include wood mouldings, interior doors, solid wood tops, cabinet doors, dovetail drawer boxes, hardware, finishing goods, wood slabs and more.

We continue to serve a wide range of customers, including millwork shops, contractors, custom home builders, kitchen manufacturers and homeowners. We currently employ 25 full-time employees between our production factory and retail facility.

The talbot TEAM
Our qualified and knowledgable team is ready to assist you with your order, give recommendations, or answer any questions you might have. Feel free to visit or drop us a line to chat about your project.
Jason Stafford
In 1997, Jason Stafford graduated from McMaster University with an Honours Degree in Business. After graduation Jason worked as a sales representative for McFadden’s Hardwood and Hardware in the Toronto area. In 2008, an opportunity arose in Cayuga, and he became a minority owner of Talbot Wood Products. Then, in 2015, Jason became the majority owner of Talbot Wood along with his business partner Jeremy Brouwer. Over the following years, Jason has been dedicated to growing Talbot Wood through customer base expansion, a commitment to sterling customer service and a drive for constant improvement.
Jeremy Brouwer
Coming from a family with a history in construction, Jeremy Brouwer naturally began his career by working in residential construction. Ten years later, the opportunity arose to take on a sales position with Talbot Wood Products. After six years in this position, he became a partner in the business. Jeremy has always strived to make every customer experience with Talbot Wood Products positive, and he continues to meet this challenge from a management role. From servicing the needs of his customers, to managing the daily operations, he is dedicated to growing Talbot Wood Products.
Our Environmental Commitment

At Talbot Wood Products, we source lumber from suppliers who comply with all government regulations working to provide material with the best yield possible.

Additionally, we recycle over 90% of our solid wood waste for resale instead of putting it directly into the landfill. This allows us to keep costs down while protecting the environment.

We are always looking for good people with a wide range of skills and a willingness to learn. If you are interested in being part of our Talbot Team, we would love to hear from you!
Positions Available

Job Description: We are currently not hiring but please feel free to drop a resume off at reception. We are always looking for good people